#BookBlogWriMo Day 11: #Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts


Finally on the post that is actually right for today! Day 11 of #BookBlogWriMo (hosted by Book Bumblings) is your top ten most popular posts! I’ve never actually looked at this stat, so it may be interesting (or sad, depending on the numbers I see…).

Here we go:

1) Review: The Maze Runner Trilogy 

Well there you go. I think this one really buckles down to good timing. I wrote this giant review just before the movie was released to people were looking at getting the low-down on the book and the trilogy. If you are interesting in my thoughts on all three books in the trilogy then give it a read!

2) Let’s get crawling: The Independent Bookshop Week Bookshop Crawl

I was lucky enough to be living in the UK when it was Independent Bookshop Week so I made sure to participate in the Bookshop Crawl while I could. This is the introduction post if you are interested about it for next year maybe!

3) I came, I crawled, I conquered: IBW Bookshop Crawl & Haul

Naturally the next most popular would be my participation in the Bookshop Crawl. I wrote about my experience and what I got over the course of that day.

4) I think I can, I think I can…I can’t: five books left unfinished

Well the title is self explanatory – these are five books I hadn’t (at the time) finished. The only one that can be taken off that list now is City of Bones (which I reviewed here). Give it a look if you want to see what books I haven’t finished and why!

5) Most Anticipated Hunger Games Scenes!

Well this is a blast to the past. I started this blog back when The Hunger Games was about to be released in theatres so I came up with this post and it has definitely held strong in views! I guess I’m going to have to do a post on the most anticipated scenes for Mockingjay!

6) Review: Gone Girl

Once again, I think this review came out at the perfect time as it was right before the movie so everyone was looking into finding more about the story. I actually wrote my Adaptation Report of the movie here so you can check that out.