Rating System


When doing reviews I use the 5 star scale – one being lowest and five being the highest. [Insert obvious disclaimer here that all opinions are my own and nothing influences them].

5 Stars

5 stars is difficult to come by. The book needs to be awe inspiring, life changing, or the type of book I become absolutely obsessed with.

4 Stars

If I really enjoy the book, can’t stop reading it, loved the characters and plot, and just had an all around great time reading the book it will get four stars.

3 Stars

Books that are three stars are generally enjoyable, but not my favourite. If I wasn’t left with an overwhelming reaction to the book or can’t remember everything about it it will generally be a three.

2 Stars

I have to really, really struggle with the book for it to be a two, but I’ll begrudgingly finish it no matter how much I dislike it.

1 Stars

You probably won’t see many one star ratings only because if it is that low a rating the chances of me finishing the book are slim to none


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