#BookBlogWriMo Day 3 and 4: Where I Read and Why I Blog



The majority of yesterday was spent in the air flying home from Edinburgh and then sleeping forever due to jetlag. That being said, I as unable to complete day three of BookBlogWriMo which is hosted by Book Bumblings so I decided to combine yesterday and today to make one super post with both prompts!

Day 3: Where I Read

I read anywhere I can really, but the three most prominent places I read are in bed, on the couch, and on public transportation.

Most of these are pretty obvious places, but that is probably because they are all just the most comfortable/time consuming settings that allow us to leave the real world and enter a fictional one for just a little bit.

I was going to take a picture of my bed but it’s messy so that didn’t happen. This is usually my set up for reading on the couch though:

Much artistry, so cozy, wow.

Much artistry, so cozy, wow.

Well that was a short/easy post to complete. On to the next prompt!

Day 4: Why I blog

I blog because I like the writing – it isn’t academic writing, it doesn’t have to follow a strict style guide, and it can be about whatever the hell you want it to be. I love being able to put my personality into posts, and (trying to) make them funny and fun for all to read.

I blog about books because there honestly isn’t anything else I love more (maybe equally, but not more) – I love talking about books, recommending books, playing fun games based on books, and, you know, reading them of course.

I blog because it is a great outlet for my book ramblings and it is fun to come up with original content that other people appreciate and enjoy.

I blog because it is a way to bridge the gap between graduate school and entering the workforce

But most of all I blog because I can – because I want to tell the world what I’m reading and what I thought about it even if no one reads what I’m writing. It gives me the opportunity to write about something I love, and that is the reason why I blog.


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