#BookBlogWriMo Day One: Blog History


Can you believe it is November already? I certainly can’t! But the start of November also means that it is the start of #BookBlogWriMo – started by Book Bumblings.

The theme for this first day is to write up the history of this blog, so here we go:

I originally started this blog up way back in 2012…or 2011… Okay, so I can’t remember the exact year, but I was in my third year of university and I was in a multimedia class where I had to create a blog. I, of course, knew that the only thing I was passionate enough about to write about constantly (hockey not included as I already had a blog on that going – again, for school) was books. And voila, Journey Through the Pages was born.

I had gained a decent sized following while I was posting a lot of different things for school; you could see not only reviews on the blog but audio clips, videos, polls, and interactive maps on the site….which makes sense since the class was about multimedia platforms. Unfortunately, due to my horrible organizational skills, lack of time, and just general laziness I slacked off on this blog once the course was over and I didn’t need to post to get grades anymore.

In late August/early September of last year I was getting ready to leave for my year abroad in Scotland to get my Master’s in Publishing. Silly me thought this would be a great opportunity to rebrand my blog a bit and use it as a way to keep my family and friends up to date on my life overseas…well, that failed miserably.

It wasn’t until June of this year that I realized if I wanted to get into the marketing side of publishing I was going to need to do something to prove my passion for books and reading as well as to showcase the skills I learned at school…it also became a fantastic distraction from my dissertation.

And here we are today; still not organized and with no definite posting schedule (I have commitment issues) I’m continuing Journey Through the Pages and loving every minute of it. It is almost like it has reawakened my passion for books and writing all in one go. Things are a little different this time around as I am actually aware of and trying to become part of the book blogging community and making connections with other book bloggers.

I’m currently back in Scotland, and it is 2 am as I finish up this long, probably ramble-y, post but I wanted to make sure I got this up on November 1st (EST). Stay tuned for day two tomorrow with a (much shorter) post about how I read!


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