Redesign Wednesday: The Maze Runner Cover Makeover


I decided to start something a little different that I haven’t necessarily seen around the book blogging community: I’m going to take book covers and give them a little bit of a makeover!

If you didn’t know, I just completed my MSc in publishing and one of the things we learned on the program was designing book covers. It’s pretty tough finding the right visual to go with the text because you want it to be just right. I’m 100% not a trained graphic designer, so that is always an added difficulty to some of the ideas I have.

I’m by no means a professional (on books, I’m not too shabby on magazine articles if I do say so myself), but it is a bit of a hobby I have and this will also help me improve my skills.

The first book I decided to give a makeover was The Maze Runner. This is not a cover that I am really drawn to and I really don’t like the original cover all that much to be honest – there are a LOT of really great redesigns that I love though.

Below is a picture of the original cover next to my design of The Maze Runner:

Original on the left and my design on the right

Original on the left and my design on the right

I decided to go with a very minimalistic/simplistic approach as it has always been a favourite of mine. I wanted to show a corridor in the maze and I decided to have the black ‘N’ in runner sort of signify the exit of the Maze into the Griever hole. I just really like black and white covers so that is pretty much the only explanation I have for that.

Let me know what you think about the redesign. Do you like it? Does it work?

If you want me to keep this feature up let me know! And tell me if there are any book covers you would like to see redone.


4 thoughts on “Redesign Wednesday: The Maze Runner Cover Makeover

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