Dissertation: Adults and YA

Fellow book bloggers and book lovers, I am in need of some help.

I am currently working on my dissertation on Young Adult fiction and its adult readership and it would be great if you all could answer the following few questions in the comments and pass it around to other book lovers you know.

1. How old are you?
2. Do you read YA? Why or Why not?
3. How did you start reading YA?
4. Do you think YA books are marketed differently to other books? Expand

And that’s it! I know some of the questions might hold rather difficult and long answers but any help you can send my way will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance and you all deserve a (cyber) cookie or two.


4 thoughts on “Dissertation: Adults and YA

  1. 1. How old are you? OLD. Old enough to be the mom of teens. Email me if you must know, but keep it to yourself 🙂
    2. Do you read YA? Why or Why not? Yes. Not exclusively, of course, but I do pick it up several times a year. I like to know what my teenage daughters are reading and I also like to recommend books to them.
    3. How did you start reading YA? I ran the book fair at my daughters’ elementary school and middle school and picked up some books there out of curiosity. When my older daughter was a 5th grader she wanted to read Twilight. Her friends were reading it. I told her I would decide after reading it myself (the answer at that time was “No, let’s wait a year or two”).
    4. Do you think YA books are marketed differently to other books? Expand. Well, there are a lot more vampire and paranormal titles, a lot more fantasy, a lot of series books. Some of the best YA literature doesn’t get a lot of shelf space at major retailers.

  2. 1. 16
    2. I read YA because I like reading about people around my age. Also, the books seem like the best in the world for my age, haha.
    3. Started reading YA in the library at school.
    4. Yes, authors are always interacting with us (tweets, blogs, videochat,i.e). Books are always advertised in teen magazines. The titles of books and cover designs are well thought out for the public.

    — thesweetreads.wordpress.com

  3. 1.27
    2. I read YA, I think this genre is different because the hardships of life haven’t fatigued the characters, the protagonists are always finding their feet in life. I also like to go back to my teenage days I suppose too.
    3. I read YA as a teenager but have gone back to reading the genre through my course work and have fallen in love with the genre again.
    4. Ye I think they are marketed differently to other books, they have a definite place in a book shop, I find all the covers of YA fiction seems to be similar. I find there is also a degree of censorship with YA novels in comparison to adult fiction.

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