Adaptation Report: Mockingjay Part One Second Teaser


Before I start this (overly excited) blog post can we just take a minute to discuss how perfect the marketing team for this movie is? I mean, everything is perfect. Like I said in my previous post about the first teaser, they are making us members of the Capitol and we are eating it all up.

In the first teaser I was waiting for the signal breach from District 13, but of course it was too soon for that – but we got to see Peeta which was just as exhilarating. This time around Snow has, not only Peeta by his side, but everyone’s favourite rock star victor – Johanna Mason (and a whole bunch of peacekeepers).

This propaganda  piece was about the “unity” of the Districts, when the signal is interrupted by Beetee. Take a look at the second teaser in all its glory below (I know I’ve taken multiple looks):

“The Mockingjay lives!” OH YES SHE DOES!

I really have nothing but praise for the marketing team over at Lionsgate – they know the material, they know the audience, and they are just rolling with it. It’s perfect and everything we could possible want.

My hat’s off to you, marketing team.

The next promo is 100% going to be even better than this one. I really do think we are going to get Katniss in full Mockingjay attire – it’s the only way they can go now that the connection has been breached.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a movie in a long time, and this is probably due to how good Catching Fire was. The fact that Mockingjay is going to be two parts actually bodes well for the series because it can stretch out the story more as the last book was definitely rushed. This means MORE ACTION AND MORE DEVELOPMENT! AH! I just can’t wait.

Who is as excited as I am for the next teaser AND the movie release in November?


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