Adaptation Report: First Mockingjay Part One Teaser Trailer

I had a really shitty night last night so when I woke up this morning after maybe an hours sleep the Instagram post that said there was a special announcement from President Snow available on Capitol TV was just the thing I needed to literally propel me out of bed to get my day started (*cough* turn on my laptop so I could watch the video *cough*), and I was not disappointed.

The video is all white – eerily white – and you have Snow sitting on quite a majestic chair reciting all sorts of Panem propaganda…but then you notice another body standing next to the chair. I knew exactly who it was and had to hold in a scream.

Peeta. Capitol tortured, probably not yet hijacked, Peeta Mellark. I literally gasped and wanted to cry all at the same time.


You really have to hand it to the guys over at Lionsgate who are marketing the SHIT out of this movie, and doing it so well. So, so well. They are bringing to life the Capitol and we are eating it up like we are part of it (scary to think about it that way, isn’t it?).

Honestly the only thing that would have made this teaser better would have been a flicker of the screen and a glimpse of Katniss in the Mockingjay uniform. I think I would have stopped breathing if that happened.

I have high hopes for this movie after the greatness that was Catching Fire. Since they have two movies to play with the overly packed and very rushed final book can potentially be given a much better pace and allow the story to flow much smoother…perhaps develop the story a wee bit better.

Basically, November 21st needs to happen immediately, and if not that at least a full length trailer.

What did you think of the little teaser? Let me know in the comments below!

Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever


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