Heyo From Edinburgh!

The top of Arthur's Seat from my phone/instagram

The top of Arthur’s Seat from my phone/instagram

Boy, do I have to apologize. 

I’m incredibly sorry for neglecting to update my blog, but it’s been mayhem since I left.

I’m here in Edinburgh now, and pretty much all settled in; school has started and groceries have been bought – pretty much everything else has been done as well! 

It’s weird having to actually make meals for myself – all of them, that is. I definitely took for granted all the amazing home-cooked meals provided for me. It doesn’t help when your sister sends a picture of nonna’s infamous lasagna when you have just finished having a bowl of canned soup, or rice. 

I’ve managed to avoid laundry like a plague so far; the bin is looking a little full now, so I’m going to have to figure out the machine sooner rather than later. I wish clothes could wash themselves. 

School is INTENSE! But I can’t say I wasn’t expecting that. I’m lucky that I already have a little bit of experience with design, It well definitely be useful when we start learning it all on Friday. 

I’ve also done the touring bit! Once I upload the pictures from my camera I’ll make a gallery on here for you all – getting to the top of Arthur’s Seat was probably the highlight. Here is another picture from my Instagram in the meantime: 


This is just a small update for now, I’ll upload the pictures ASAP so I can show them to you all!

Until then,