Libraries and E-readers

Recently I spoke to the manager of community relations at the Toronto Public Library, Anne Marie Aikins, about how e-readers are affecting the library system in Toronto.

Aikins told me that, ” Toronto was on the cutting edge of introducing  E-books and other E-resources, we do that through our e-books we have to get through a company called Overdrive, and it’s based in the US, and they provide e-books to library systems. So what we are doing is every year we make our e-book collection bigger and bigger and bigger to meet the demands of library costumers and it’s really changing a lot in the way that we do business.”

In order for the libraries in Toronto to stay with the times they obviously need to update their ways of distributing books and information to the public. But, instead of E-readers being more in demand in the library system, Aikins says that it is actually having the opposite effect.

“The more popular e-books become it seems the more popular other library services, including hard cover books, which we hadn’t anticipated,” Aikins explained. “This is a really new and evolving industry and it has really encouraged more people to read, and that’s a great thing. That’s a really great thing, but it looks like the hard cover book is going to be around for quite some time. Even people that use e-readers often want hard cover books as well.”

This is good new for us bookies, knowing that the future of a physical novel isn’t as bleak as some people lead us to believe.


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